Lufthansa or Emirates, which is better?

These two massive international carriers are the main competitors in the international flight sector. The Middle Eastern long-haul experts Emirates are popular for their huge planes, glitzy luxurious cabins and deep pockets. They have grown to become one of the largest and most successful airlines worldwide. On the other hand, the German powerhouse Lufthansa is a well-established traditional carrier that boasts long periods of growth stability behind them. When going for a long-haul flight, which is the better airline? Emirates or Lufthansa?



Flying with Emirates


Emirates is among United Arab Emirates’ flag carriers, and has constantly won World’s Best Airline by Skytrax, and the Best Airline Award in the Middle East. Emirates’ main hub is Dubai, where it operates more than 3000 flights in various destinations across six continents. Emirates is flying to around 90 destinations currently across North America, the Mediterranean, Middle East, Asia, and Australia. However, Emirates does not have a presence in South America, but has a considerable presence across Africa. It is strong in Europe, India, and the Middle East.


Each plane has a cabin that is divided into three segments namely:


  • First Class
  • Business Class
  • Economy Class


The first class is the most luxurious and features a completely equipped suite and sleeping area. Business class and Economy class do provide their in-flight entertainment options that are divided into three – Emirates TV & Radio, ICE, and ICE Digital Widescreen.



Emirates has more than 260 aircraft. Most of them are either Boeing 777s or A380s. It boasts of four variants of 777, but all of them provide 3-4-3 economy class cabins. The A380s also provide the 3-4-3 cabin but are preferred because they are roomier.



Additionally, the Emirates Flight Catering takes care of the food and beverage requirements for each passenger. On top of the normal menu, they provide customization based on religion, age and more. However, you need to inform them 24 hours before the flight’s departure.



Flying with Lufthansa


Lufthansa was established in 1955 and has continuously grown to acquire the status of being among the largest airlines in Europe. It is interesting to know that Lufthansa has repetitively received the title of Best Airline in Europe from the independent agency, Skytrax. At the moment, Lufthansa has a fleet of over 280 airplanes. It provides its services across 190 international routes and 18 domestic routes. Although Lufthansa’s headquarters are based in Cologne, their major operation hub is situated in Frankfurt Airport, Munich, and Dusseldorf – in that order.


Lufthansa passengers have three options to choose from namely:


  • First Class
  • Business Class
  • Premium Economy
  • Economy


The provided amenities depend on the requisites of the selected class. In all classes, food and drinks are offered to travelers across all the cabins. What differs is the level of customization and space availability in the course of the travel.



Which airline is better? Lufthansa or Emirates


Lufthansa provides much more comfort and luxury in the economy section, but when it comes to the first class, Emirates’ cabin is better than Lufthansa’s. If you want to save some money, Lufthansa is more affordable as compared to Emirates and they provide exceptional customer service. Emirates’ prices are quite reasonable, but more expensive than the German Airline. However, you may want to stay away from Emirates’ lower-tier packages. Before making the decision on which is the better one, you need to consider aspects such as connection times, flights availability, safety features, service, seat space and price. Depending on these factors, Lufthansa seems to have an upper hand.


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