How long is a flight from Amsterdam to Australia?

The distance from Amsterdam to Australia is approximately 16,600 kilometres or 10,330 miles. Nearly all the flights involve one or more stopovers. However, there are also direct, non-stop flights to many Australian cities.



Destinations and Airlines to Australia


There are flights from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to the main cities in Australia. These include Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Flights from Amsterdam to Sydney are available from many well-known airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Cathay Pacific and Emirates. The length of time depends on the location of the stopover cities and how long it takes to wait for a connecting flight.



Flying from Amsterdam to Sydney


There are many routes to choose from when flying out of Amsterdam to Sydney. For example, Emirates Airlines flies to Sydney via Dubai in thirty-four hours and forty minutes. The first part of the flight takes six hours and forty-five minutes to travel from Amsterdam to Dubai. There is then a waiting time of five hours and forty minutes. The final part of the journey to Sydney takes about seventeen hours and thirty-five minutes. United Airlines offer flights to Sydney with a stopover at Houston, Texas. British Airways has flights of twenty-nine hours including a six-hour wait at London’s Heathrow Airport.



From Amsterdam to Perth and Melbourne


There are many airlines with flights from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Perth in Western Australia. A flight with KLM Dutch Airlines include a stopover at Dubai. Passengers usually wait for three hours before continuing the flight to Perth. In total, the flight takes twenty hours and ten minutes. Qatar Airways and Qantas offer similar flights. Swiss Airlines and Etihad operate many flights from Amsterdam to the Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne, Victoria.



Regular Flights to Australia


Cathay Pacific has flights from Amsterdam to Adelaide every Wednesday and Friday. Flights to Brisbane include Wednesdays and Fridays with KLM, and Thursdays and Sundays with Philippine Airlines. Singapore Airlines offers flights to many Australian cities every day of the week.



Direct, Non-Stop Flights to Australia


Singapore Airlines offers direct, non-stop flights from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Australian cities including Brisbane, Darwin, Cairns, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide. The non-stop flight to Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport takes around twenty-one hours and thirty minutes. Flying directly to Perth takes approximately nineteen hours and thirty minutes.