30 best gift ideas for a leaving female coworker

When it comes to shopping for a coworker, the list can be long and confusing. To get the best gift, you have to know your workmate at a deeper level. This will ensure that you only get them gifts they will appreciate and love to the core. Here are 30 best gift ideas for a leaving female coworker.





Best gift ideas for a departing coworker No. 1 – 10



1. Classic Notebook

Doodles, thoughts, and notes still need a classic notebook to stay organized. Even with the current technology, there is no better feeling than putting down a thought on paper.



2. Bottle of Olive Oil

If your female workmate enjoys cooking, then this is a gift they won’t resist. Olive oil is known to add fantastic flavor to any dish, and they need that.



3. Comfortable Socks

Women love feeling comfortable, especially when trying to stay productive. Before she says goodbye, make sure to give her a pair of comfortable socks.



4. Notepad

Some individuals love to follow their passion. If you have a coworker who loves to take note of every aspect of their lives, this gift will remind them that they are not alone.



5. A Healthy Houseplant

There is a strong connection between women and lovely flowers. Here is a gift that they can take back home and remind them of you at all times.



6. Scented Candle

Despite the reason for her exit, your female coworker needs a beautiful, welcome scent in her living room, so gift her these scented candles.



7. Good Music

If she left without your knowledge, you could use social media to share a song with her. The song should be relevant and resonate with the status quo and how you feel about her.



8. A Charging Stand

If she got another job, you might help her keep the workplace organized with a charging stand. It will help reduce the cluttered wires on her desk.



9. Business Card Holder

Give her a leather business card holder, and she will remember you for many years to come. This card holder is strong, durable, and beautiful to carry around.



10. Herbal Tea Kit

Nothing beats the importance of health. A herbal tea kit can be a great gift for a coworker who enjoys sipping on beverages while working.





Best gifts for a leaving female coworker No. 11 – 20



11. Lunch Containers

Get her lunch containers that are meant to save the planet because they are biodegradable. Pick the right color and size for your leaving coworker.



12. Desk Organizer

This desk organizer is literally a two-tier mall. It is designed to add a touch of beauty to your desk while keeping it organized.



13. Infuser Bottle

It is vital to stay hydrated at all times. These infuser bottles are easy to carry around and have enough capacity to keep her hydrated all day long.



14. Dammit Doll

When life gets crazy, we all need something to destroy. If she is leaving because of life challenges, the dammit doll comes in handy.



15. Blackwing Journal

These products are made with fine materials. They are durable and water-resistant.



16. Charging Cable

At home or at work, we need to stay connected. Gift your coworker with these long charging cables, and they will appreciate it.



17. A Notebook They Can Wipe and Re-use

There is no running out of space. This notebook can be used for many years and is easily affordable.



18. Perfumes

A feminine fragrance that smells bold and welcoming is what your colleague needs. Share this gift and encourage her to step up in style.



19. A Pair of Sunglasses

Things can get quite hot and uncomfortable in the summer. The sunglasses will come in handy when she has to stay outdoors during the day.



20. Bluetooth Key Tracker

You can’t go wrong with a tiny key tracker that everyone finds convenient. She won’t have to lose her keys anymore.





Best leaving coworker (woman) gifts No. 21 – 30



21. Travel Mug

These travel mugs are stylish and adorable to carry around. They are fashionable and boast modern design.



22. A Nice Phone

There is a good chance she already has a phone, but you get her another one in a color that she really adores.



23. Pen

A pen will come in handy whenever she needs to take some notes. Make sure the pen is as unique as possible.



24. A Camera

We always want to capture the memories we adore, but we don’t want to use our phones to take the pictures. That is where your colleague will need a camera.



25. Wireless Keyboard

Wireless keyboards are convenient to work with. They are portable and easy to use on the go.



26. Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

A phone stand will free-up your multitasking coworker. They will place the phone on the stand and take care of other things.



27. Egg Cup

Does she enjoy some eggs for breakfast or lunch? Then you need to gift her with eggs cup, so she knows that you enjoyed seeing her around, even though she is leaving.



28. Personal Coffee Maker

This one is small and lightweight. It can be carried and used anywhere one feels they need some coffee.



29. Donkey Desktop Notepad

This will be her loyal desktop companion. The donkey will be there all the time whenever you need a reminder to complete an important task.



30. Portable Standing Desk

Maybe she is going to work more at home. This standing desk will make it easier to work anywhere she wants around the house.



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