Does Amsterdam airport have lockers or luggage storage?

When you are travelling about, sometimes there are periods of time when you have to wait before you can check in to your hotel or onto your next flight. Usually this time can be filled with a little bit of sight-seeing or by going to enjoy a leisurely meal after a lot of cramped travelling, but there is one large, heavy and bulky problem: your luggage. Fortunately, many airports are aware of this, and Amsterdam airport is no different.

There are several left- luggage storage options as well as lockers that you can hire in the area, including actually in the airport itself. This is ideal for the above scenario, and also if your luggage is travelling separately to yourself for any reason, and it can be stored safely and securely for up to seven days, giving you time to catch up to it without worrying that it might be returned or sent anywhere else!

There are six different banks of lockers within the airport, and they cost anywhere from six euros up to around twelve euros per twenty-four hour period. You can pay with most major credit and debit cards, and some of the lockers can be paid for with cash.

Long term storage and lockers

In the rare event that you need to leave your luggage for a longer period – say, for example, you are enjoying a short stop-over and do not need your big suitcase with all your belongings, because you have packed a small amount of gear to get you through the short stay period – you can make use of the airport’s longer term storage, which is not cheap at seven euros or so per day, but you can leave your belongings there for up to a month, which is plenty of time for you to enjoy your short stay and return to retrieve your luggage and continue on your travels.

If these options are not enough for you, there are several other storage options in Amsterdam, including at Amsterdam Central station. Whatever storage you need, if you cannot find it at the airport, it will not be too far away!