Cheap and good budget hotels in Groningen

budget hotel Groningen

Groningen is an amazingly vibrant city up north of The Netherlands. The city Groningen is located within the province of Groningen. This can be a bit confusing at times since they share the exact same name, therefor to clarify, the tips we will give you today are located in the city of Groningen. Visiting Groningen is absolutely worth it. You will see a part of The Netherlands that is really authentic.

The beautiful old historic buildings, the idyllic canals that run through the entire city and the 1001 hotspots with yummy food and aesthetically pleasing interior decors. Groningen is thé place to be. And while visiting Groningen you naturally would need a place to stay. No worries, we got you! Take a look at the list down below of affordable hotels in the city of Groningen!


Cheap hotel No. 1 – Gretha Groningen – €45,- to €70,- per night

Lets directly start with a very special accommodation. We are cheating a little bit because this is not a hotel, it is a boatel! This boat is a fantastic place of staying during your visit to Groningen. The rooms look like cabins you will find on a ship, but a bit more basic.

This budget hotel is located in the city center near the Oosterpoort. The boat has complimentary WiFi, a bar and their own terrace. They also offer a breakfast buffet. This is a great place if you want to try something else for a change.


Cheap hotel No. 2 – Bed and Breakfast De Oude Nadorst – €60,- to €85,- per night

De Oude Nadorst is a cute little hotel that is located just outside the city center of Groningen. If you want to escape the vibrant nightlife and the busy city center, this is the place to be for you. The De Oude Nadorst is located at a traditional farm and has a very scenic view of the meadow.

When you are staying in this bed and breakfast you can chose to stay in the main house, in a luxury suite but you can also chose to stay in a caravan on the premises of the bed and breakfast. Every accommodation has their own toilet but the bathroom is shared between all guests. The city center is reachable with a 10 minute drive.


Cheap hotel No. 3 – City Lab Hotel – €60,- to €80,- per night

The City Lab Hotel is just outside the city center. It has their own private parking space, a huge public garden and a terrace. The rooms all have their own patio with a view of the garden. The hotel offers complimentary WiFi and all rooms come with an ensuite bathroom. The hotel rooms are very spacious and it feels more like a studio than a hotel room.


Cheap hotel No. 4 – Boutique hotel De Doelen – €65,- to €110,- per night

This hotel is in the midst of the city center, just a one minute walk from the famous Martini Tower. The hotel is located in an old historic building. The exterior might be traditional and historic, the interior is very modern. All rooms are decorated differently and every room has artwork from a local Dutch artist.

This cheap hotel offers a daily continental breakfast and offers complimentary tea and coffee through out the day. The hotel also offers a shuttle service to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for an additional fee.


Cheap hotel No. 5 – Stay and Office Groningen – €55,- to €90,- per night

Stay and office is a picturesque bed and breakfast just outside the city center of Groningen. The city center is at a 3,8 km distance and very easy to reach by bus or car. This cute bed and breakfast offers small but luxury rooms that all come with their own bed, ensuite bathroom and desk.

It is the perfect place if you are on a business trip since the bed and breakfast also has two offices where guests can work during their stay. If you have some free time and want to explore the surroundings of the bed and breakfast or go to the city center you can also rent a bike!