January 25, 2021

Cheap and good budget hotels in Enschede

Enschede is a city in the east part of The Netherlands. The city is located in province Overijssel and has around 150.000 inhabitants. The city is also located very closely to the German border, which makes it quite easy to visit both countries during one trip if you decide to stay in Enschede.

Staying in Enschede is recommended if you want to discover the east and north of The Netherlands. It is very easy to travel all the way up north to vibrant city of Groningen or to discover the nature at the national park in the Veluwe. Enschede is not a very touristic city and therefor it is perfect if you want to get to know some real Dutch locals during your trip. Also, because it is not super touristic, there are not a lot of traditional hotels but more shortstays and bed and breakfasts.

If you decided that you want to make this your new travel destination within The Netherlands, you of course will need a place to stay. We made a list of 5 cheap and good budget hotels in Enschede.



Cheap hotel No. 1. Enschede Guest Rooms – €45,- to €60,- a night

This will be your perfect home away from home if you are looking for a place to stay with a lot of space and comfort. This is not a hotel but a homestay with all the facilities you will need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The homestay is 4km away from the city center and also offers family rooms, perfect for when you want to travel with kids. All the rooms have a sitting area with a flatscreen tv, a private kitchen and a desk. The bathroom facilities are shared with the other guests. You can rent bikes to discover the surroundings or bike to the city center.



Cheap hotel No. 2. Van Der Valk Hotel Enschede – €65,- to 120,- a night

Van der Valk Hotel Enschede is near the city center. You can reach the city center with a 15 minute walk. The hotel has its own gym, indoor pool and other wellness facilities. If you are on a business trip or on a romantic getaway, this is the hotel for you. All rooms have an ensuite bathroom and a sitting area. The hotel also offers meeting rooms that can be booked for private meetings if you are on a business trip.



Cheap hotel No. 3. Shortstay Bildersdijk – €55,- to €100,- a night

Shortstay Bildersdijk is in the heart of Enschede. A lot of the city highlights, such as the church, Rijksmuseum Twente and the Grolsch Veste, are in a walking distance. The accommodation has a shared kitchen and free WiFi throughout the venue. You can also rent bikes here and enjoy a nice cold drink on their private terrace during summer and spring.
The rooms all have a private sitting area, a desk and an ensuite bathroom. This hotel is perfect for a friend trip or a businesstrip. If you are traveling with kids, ask if the family suite is available. There is only one in the shortstay so make sure it is not booked yet prior your trip.



Cheap hotel No. 4. B&B Usselo Klein – €50,- to €80,- a night

B&B Usselo Klein is a cute and unique accommodation in Enschede. It is just a small 5km from the city center. The accommodation offers free WiFi and a spacious private garden with bbq facilities. This will definitely feel like a nice holiday home during your trip! You can rent bikes per day to discover the surrounding nature or to take a trip to the city center. Besides having a big garden, most of the rooms also come with a small private terrace.



Cheap hotel No. 5. Studio Stadshuys 053 – €75,- to €95,- a night

Studio Stadshuys 053 is the perfect place to stay for the modern traveler. This beautiful location is decorated in a very Scandinavian style: simple but luxurious. Every studio has their own garden, kitchen and private bathroom. If you are traveling by car or if you get a rental, you can park it on the property for free. The hotel is located at a 15 minute drive from the city center.