British Airways is at which terminal at Amsterdam airport?

Where is BA at Schiphol?

Amsterdam Airport runs international as well as domestic flights, the Schengen and non-Schengen areas. The Schiphol Airport has around 165 boarding gates. The Airport has just one main building terminal which has 8 concourses (open areas): B, C, D, E, F, G, H plus M. This terminal building consists of three levels. It is intended to construct a new terminal building in the next few years. It is anticipated that the airport will be finished by 2023 and it will have the capacity to hold approximately 14 million passengers per year.


The main terminal of Amsterdam Airport consists of three levels:


Ground Level: Arrivals along with Ground transportation options


The Ground Level is for the Arrivals. It is connected with P1, as well as different hotels. Travelers have the right to use the ground transportation like taxis, shuttles and buses and in this area; there are several cafés and restaurants. There is also a supermarket, information desks, and other different services.



Second Level: Departures and Check-ins


This floor is separated; there is East and West side. The east side has departures area 1 and area 2. It is situated the Lounge area. There are gates of the B, C, D (D1-D57 plus D59-D87 to the top level) and E. The west side has departures area 3 and area 4 and they are usually served by 17-32 check-in counters. This side has Lounges 3 and 4. There are gates F, G, H along with M.
The gates are divided in three concourses (open areas):
Departures 1 have Schengen gates B, C and D.
Departures 2 have E gates.
Departures 3 have F, G, H and M gates. This is where you usually check in for British Airways

B to M gates are situated at level 2 while D, E, F are in the top level.



Third Level: Boarding gates as well as airlines lounges


The third level has VIP Lounges from 1 to 4 and also airlines Lounges. It as well has right to use gates D, E and F. In the third level, you can besides find the Mercure, and Yotel Hotel and the Exchange Avenue conference services. There are several VIP lounges that can be accessed from the Departures level.

For you to check in for your flight at Amsterdam Airport, follow the instructions given in your ticket or go to the departures hall in located in the main building terminal and look at the screens.


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