Best terraces in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Terrace

Best pubs with terraces – in Amsterdam

What pictures wind their way through your mind when you think of Amsterdam, a city that has so much to offer? Are they the art museums, canals, bicycles, architecture, parks, or shopping?

Or – Are they the restaurants and bars?

After “doing” the museums, history, and shops, where do you turn to satiate your growing thirst and hunger? Do you search for a gewone koffie (regular coffee) or for a Jenever gin, perhaps?And where are you going to enjoy your drink?
In a terraced bar, of course! With so many pubs in Amsterdam, how do you choose? Take a look at the choices below, but please note that the following options represent just a drop in the – uh, Jenever.

Rooftop views

Are you in the mood for Amsterdam Mustard Soup with cheese croutons, followed by an Italian Meringue swimming in strawberry sorbet? Throw in a view of the Houthavens from the top of a previously illegal broadcasting station, and you can get all that and more at the REM Island. Choose the rooftop terrace, or one of the decks below, and enjoy the bar, the restaurant cuisine, Wi-Fi for working quietly in a relaxed atmosphere, and the view. Do learn the fascinating history of this radio rig before you go.

The Amsterdam SkyLounge is, as the name implies, a rooftop lounge bar. The ambiance for both business and social meetings is just right, and the “Drinks & Bites” will stave off your thirst and hunger very satisfactorily. With the large selection on the menu, you’re sure to find something that will just hit the spot. Try to visit at all hours of the day and night. You’ll be surprised at the variation in ambiance, each time you go.

Hotels heights

The Floor 17 Skybar terrace is on – you’ve guessed it – the 17th floor. At this sky-high bar at the Ramada Hotel, catch a 360° view of the west side of Amsterdam from 85 metres above the ground. Then custom design your meal, while you watch it being prepared. Choose from an excellent selection of wines and cocktails. And on Saturday nights, simply relax in a beanbag, while you watch a film!

If you need a break from just plain ol’ bar hopping, try the Hopp on the roof of the Casa Hotel on the East side of Amsterdam. At the Hopp, you’ll think you’re in a park – it is so green! It’s not just a late-night bar. You can also begin your day there with the kaisherschmarm (shredded pancake) for breakfast.


The Café de Sluyswacht has been around since the late 17th century. Well, not the café. However, the sluyswacht does go back in time. This slanted building, situated as close to the canal as you can get, is where the sluice master used to coordinate the operation of the canal locks. Inside the café, you may find yourself leaning slightly portwise, but don’t worry, you can find seating outside in the terrace. Relax with a cold beer, and watch the activity on the largest canal in Amsterdam.

Do your tastes run more towards oyster mushrooms than oysters? Then try the Bonboon, a vegan restaurant, which you’ll find on the KNSM island, close to the Python Bridge. Enjoy a great view of the water with your fennel cakes, plant-based cheeses, and many more vegetable-based menu items.

Into the park

The terrace at Pacific Parc never runs out of space. This reasonably-priced restaurant wraps itself arounds three sides of the eatery, and extends itself into the park itself – that is, the Westerpark. You’ll find less tables on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights when the “dance floor” is exposed. After all, with both live and disco rock ‘n roll on the menu, you can’t let all that music go to waste!

If you happen to be in the Vondelpark early in the morning, drop in to the Vondelpark/3 Kitchen & Bar for breakfast on the terrace. The cuisine is based on the Keto style of eating, but don’t worry, you can also enjoy your carbs, in the form of sandwiches or pies. However, the protein lovers amongst you will think they are in heaven – choices, choices!

International cuisine

Nostalgic for genuine Guinness Irish stout? Try O’ Reilly’s Irish Pub for authentic Irish décor inside the bar. You can also choose outside seating to remind you that you’re still in Amsterdam, although you probably won’t regret trying a “Proper Hamburger” at O’ Reilly’s before you leave!

How about Sushi and Karaoke in a Japanese garden? In Amsterdam? Well, you know by now that you can find just about anything in Amsterdam, right? The Restaurant Genki, located near the central station, offers a wide variety of Japanese culinary delights, both inside or on their garden terrace. With an all-you-can-eat Sushi bar, and many other reasonably priced dishes, you won’t need to sing for your supper!

Where the locals go

If you want to enjoy your drink with the local population, try the Hannekes Boom. This hard-to-find waterfront shack in Oosterdok, is a short walk from the central train station. The Hannekes Boom is an outdoorsy, recycled, rustic beer garden. It attracts a more bohemian clientele that enjoys the art décor and a great beer.

The authentically Dutch Bistro Bij Ons boasts a terrace over the water. The mouth-watering menus also include the bistro’s own Jordaan liqueurs, offering 20 flavours, including coffee, vanilla, plum, strawberry, and more. Special mention goes to the Bridal Tears Liqueur (Ammenooitniet). You’ll have to try it to experience its unique flavour!

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