Top 10 best booking sites for cruises

Cruise vacations are always fun, exciting, and relaxing. However, that is not always the case when booking a cruise that best suits your vacation needs. Booking a cruise is an exhausting process that will consume a lot of your time. It usually involves a tonne of research with a dozen factors to consider, including the vacation date, your budget, the ship, cruise line, and the length of your trip.

Fortunately, there are plenty of sites that effortlessly help you find the cruise of your choice. In addition to the traditional travel agencies that offer similar services, you will find a bunch of online websites for cruise bookings. Here is a highlight of the top ten booking sites for cruises, that guarantee you seamless bookings for your preferred cruise.



1. is a cruise-only website that allows users to search for cruises using multiple filters. These filters include departure port, cruise line, and destination. The site presents various types of cruises, including river cruises, mega-ships, luxury cruises, and budget cruises. Clicking on a cruise displays pricing and bonus details that accompany each cruise. is popular for its best rate guarantee that sees you get a refund of the price difference if you come across the same cruise with a lower rate in a 24-hour window.



2. Cruise Critic


Cruise Critic is a meta-search engine for cruises. The site allows you to compare prices from other cruise booking sites. Cruise Critic is well known for featuring cruising tips, advice, and reviews that help a community of cruisers. Once you have searched for the cruise that best suits your cruising needs, Cruise Critic redirects you to the responsible site for booking.



3. Priceline


Priceline is a multipurpose booking website. The website allows users to book rental cars, flights, hotels, and cruises. Priceline also has the best rate guarantee offer that refunds a difference in price if you find a similar cruise at a lower price within 48 hours. Priceline is easy to use, and you can search for a cruise by line, last-minute deals, luxury, standard, and suite deals. One of the things that makes Priceline a captivating option is their bonus amenities.



4. Cruisewatch


Cruisewatch is a metasearch engine that specialises on cruises. The booking site features over 25,000 cruises, user reviews, and price details to ensure that you book the best cruise. Cruisewatch also has an email notification feature that allows customers to get an update on the change in the price of a particular cruise. The good thing with Cruisewatch is that you can book through their website or be redirected to another service provider to complete a booking.





The outlook and display of can complicate your search process, especially if you are a cruise beginner. However, if you manage to manoeuvre through the site, you will realise that has great deals, bonuses, and discounts. One feature that makes an outstanding choice is a provision to book a flight along with your cruise. This can see you save time and a lot of money.



6. TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor is well known for its outstanding travel and hotel-booking services. What a number of people do not know is that TripAdvisor is one of the best metasearch engines with the best deals for cruises. The website brings together over 70,000 cruises from top cruise booking sites. TripAdvisor allows you to sort for cruises by travel date, cabin type, length, and destination. Once you identify the perfect cruise, the site redirects you to the site responsible for the booking.



7. CruisesOnly


CruisesOnly has incredible services and features that make it one of the best cruises booking site, especially for the first-time cruisers. One of their unique features is the Customer Loyalty Program in which you are signed up once you book with CruisesOnly. The program comes with various benefits, including deposit waivers, onboard spending credits, and shore excursion credits. Also, all the agents serving with CruisesOnly are certified experts with training on cruising. Just like most of the other cruise sites, CruisesOnly offers its customers the best rate guarantee for a 48-hour window.





Cruisers find to be an unappealing booking site due to its cluttered interfaces. However, is one of the best cruises booking sites, providing services all over the world. Although the site is more beach-oriented, comes with great deals, discounts, and a loyalty program for its customers. The site also provides cruisers reviews for each cruise. This is to ensure that you choose the best cruise.



9. Expedia


Expedia is probably the first site you will come across when searching for travel and hotel booking websites. Amazingly, Expedia also allows users to book cruises online through their website. Expedia has one of the easiest and most straightforward interfaces to use when booking a cruise. Although the site does not offer best price guarantees, they also do not charge booking fees. You can find additional bonuses when booking a cruise with Expedia.



10. Kayak


Another metasearch engine that is useful when booking a cruise is Kayak. Kayak allows you to search and compare prices from other cruise booking sites. The good thing with Kayak is that you can browse through multiple cruise websites at one time. The only thing that makes Kayak differ from the other metasearch engines is that you cannot see exclusive deals offered by those other websites. However, if you intend to book a cruise, Kayak will direct you to the site where your reservation can be completed.


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