All airlines that fly to Ireland from UK

flights to Ireland from UK

Not a fan of using the ferry? Prefer flights but not sure which airlines even travel to Ireland from the UK? Well no need to worry anymore, we’ve compiled a list of the major airlines that fly to Ireland from the UK.

At this moment in time, there are only 3 major airlines that fly to Ireland from the UK on a regular basis. One of them is a British airline and the other two are Irish airlines. Check out below to see which ones these are and to learn more about them:


1. British Airways

The first on our list is British company British Airways. They are the priciest on this list, but that high-quality services and planes make up for it. They also tend to travel at more sociable hours and land in airports that have good transport links to nearby places. Their tickets range from Flexible Economy to Business classes. They fly daily to most Irish airports from the UK.


2. Aer Lingus

Next on our list is the Irish airline Aer Lingus. This airline is not as expensive as British Airways, but can still get quite pricey, especially if you leave buying tickets to the last minute. Their tickets range from Saver, Plus, Advantage to AerSpace. They fly daily from all UK airports to Ireland throughout the day at good, reasonable hours. They also land in good locations that are connected to nearby cities.


3. Ryanair

The last on our list is Ryanair, another Irish airline. This is the cheapest out of all the airlines on the list. They are able to cut down on costs by charging for services that most airlines offer for free (such as carry on baggage and food). This has given Ryanair a poor reputation, but most people stay for its affordable budget prices. Their tickets range from Vale, Regular, Plus to Flexi Plus. Their flights are every day, tend to be at more unsociable hours and land in destinations that don’t have the best transport links. You can get Ryanair from any airport in the UK to travel to Ireland.